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SEVENTY-SEVEN” by MEZZI LEROY Black Suede Festac Mask

SEVENTY-SEVEN” by MEZZI LEROY Black Suede Festac Mask


We present to you “SEVENTY-SEVEN” by MEZZILEROY. The FESTAC mask and symbol has its root in the ancient city of Benin, Edo State, Nigeria. The mask can be traced to the expansive conquest of Queen Idia. Over the decades,FESTAC Town,Lagos has become known for its vim and vigor . It is a neighborhood like non other in Nigeria, Africa(Wakanda). A Neighborhood with every class.....the poor, the rich and the insanely rich. It is so dynamic to the point where you can have a Billionaire sharing a fence with a Janitor. It is a neighborhood where the kids are not only raised by their biological parents but also, by neighbors. Everyone is out there sharing love and care. In FESTAC, it’s rumored there is so much love and togetherness that you can make a meal without a penny of yours. You can collect salt, oil and seasoning from Mama Amaka( the one that doesn’t disappoint) next door, knock on the billionaires door a few houses after yours to get 2 cups of rice, while the ‘aboki’ down the road would give you pepper and tomato on credit. They say, you can leave the hood but the hood never leaves you. Individuals who grew up in FESTAC and have gone on to achieve a lot in their chosen careers, come back to the projects to spur and motivate the next generation to even greater success and it’s a cycle. We, as a brand, believe there is a spirit of ‘FESTAC’ in everyone. The spirit to rise against every obstacle. The spirit to love relentlessly. The spirit and drive to achieve the insurmountable. The spirit of togetherness and can-do. The spirit to believe that no matter where you come from, no matter your sexuality, gender, age, tribe or race , financial background etc. Indeed, we all are equal and nothing is impossible!. Do you have the spirit of FESTAC in you? 

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